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Kevin Beasley is the Director of Treeline Design Pty Ltd. Since 2003, Kevin has been involved in designing and assisting clients to achieve their dreams of living in homes which are truly sustainable. Whether it be a Rammed Earth dream home, or an 8 - 10 star energy rating House or office, Kevin has facilitated outcomes that have meant that many of our clients are now the proud owners of either new sustainable homes or extensions that add that ‘extra’ dimension of comfort to their lifestyle- simply because they are more energy efficient, comfortable and beautiful to look at!
Kevin’s qualification in Town Planning, and his knowledge of Thermal Energy Assessments (as well as Bushfire Management), means that he is an incredible source of information, making his problem solving abilities a must when trying to design a home in ‘difficult’ areas.

A consultant at the recent HIA home show in Melbourne, and the winner of the 2008 Cardinia Shire Sustainability Award and the 2009 Property, Trade and Construction Award, Kevin can help you towards a better understanding of Energy Efficiency.

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